Musical Bows of Southern Africa book is out now

Musical Bows of Southern Africa brings together current scholarly research that documents a rich regional diversity as well as cultural relationships in bow music knowledge and contemporary practices. The book is framed as a critical appraisal of traditional ethnomusicological studies of the region – complementing pioneering studies and charting contexts for a contemporary engagement with bow music as an exchangeable cultural practice. Each contribution is written by an expert in the field and collectively demonstrates the multidisciplinary potential of bow music, highlighting the several fields of knowledge that intersect with bow music including ethno-organology, applied ethnomusicology, composition, music literacy, social development, cultural economics, history, orality, performance and language.

Table of contents

1. A Brief Introduction to Musical Bows in Southern Africa
Bernhard Bleibinger (University of Fort Hare, South Africa)
2. Chipendani (Mouth Bow) – the Origin of the Shona Mbira Harmonic System and of Andrew Tracey’s ‘Basic KalimbaCore’ with an Appendix on the Venda Tshihwana
Klaus-Peter Brenner (University of Göttingen, Germany)
3. Musical Bows of Namibia
Dave Dargie (independent scholar)
4. Umakhweyana and ugubhu Zulu musicalbows as inkokha, imvingo, inkohlisa, uqwabe and isiqwemqwemana
Sazi Dlamini (University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa)
5. The Social Dynamics of Three Zimbabwean Musical Bows: The Chipendani, Mukube, and Ground-bow
Jennifer W. Kyker (University of Rochester, USA)
6. The Sitontolo Mouthbow of eSwatini: Embodiment, Stories and Music
Cara Stacey (independent scholar) and Vusi Sibandze (independent scholar)
7. Musical Bows of the AmaXhosa
David Dargie (independent scholar)
8. Eastern Kalahari Bow Music
Jürgen Schöpf (independent scholar)
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