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Arcomusical support fund for bow musicians

An extract from the Arcomusical newsletter

An extract from the Arcomusical newsletter – Sign-up here

In her most recent Arts and Culture Blog, Donna Walker-Kuhne, calls upon her white colleagues throughout the arts world to use our voices to speak out, saying: 

“Now, more than ever, it is crystal clear to me that my white colleagues, who are current arts and cultural leaders, must speak out. It is imperative that ALL arts and cultural leaders stand on the frontlines and take action to help end institutional racism, inequality, and the dehumanization of all bodies of color and other marginalized people.” 

The loss of George Floyd’s life to the callous spirit of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin and the revelations concerning the murder of Ahmaud Arbery are the latest additions to a list that is seemingly ad infinitum, proving that Ms. Walker-Kuhne’s words are not hyperbole. Systematic injustice carried out in the poisoned hearts and minds of white America is real, is happening, now, as it has been for four centuries.

To heed Ms. Walker-Kuhne’s call, Arcomusical is developing a multi-point agenda to demonstrate our commitment to help end institutional racism and inequality. Among these initiatives is a coordinated effort with the Durban, South Africa-based Bow Music Foundation to create a support fund for traditional bow musicians and their communities. We will continue to communicate our efforts in our monthly newsletters.

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